Friday, December 20, 2013

After Disastrous Year, America Treats Obamas to 4 Million Dollar Christmas Vacation

"The biggest Christmas present from the Obamas, today winging their way to a $4-million, 17-day Hawaiian trip, is the merciful lack of their overbearing presence in Washington, DC. One can only imagine the coming 2014 and beyond horrors being planned for the unwashed masses during 17 days far from the maddening crowds in Hawaii." - Judi McLeod - CFP
Air Force One Prepares to Leave Washington for Hawaii
 "Bon Voyage to Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their hangers-on on their Hawaiian holiday who long ago proved to the world that there is no difference to civilized society whether they are in-house in Washington or gorging during the dolce vita.
With the kind of millions being lavished on their Hawaiian compound, we won’t have to wish them ‘Don’t let the bedbugs bite”, but can always sarcastically hope they don’t get stung by the jellyfish."  
Just as the Obamas’ Hawaiian bon voyage comes with a stinging slap in the face, the Christmas card they sent out from the White House this year avoids the word ‘Christmas’."