Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 13 Most Annoying People of 2013

Taki Magazine - 
"As someone who’s offended by nothing but annoyed by everyone, I found no shortage of people this past year to stoke the angry embers of my irascible soul. Try as I may to shield my eyes from the countless blinding petty indignities and massive vexations of everyday existence, each sunrise seemed to drop a new human being on my doorstep to annoy me.
I tend to focus on the negative at the expense of everything else, so when I looked back over the past year, I immediately began thinking of people who annoyed me. It was hard to winnow down my list to only 13 selections. They are ranked in ascending levels of annoyance. Although I bear no personal ill will toward any of these people, nor do I engage in any violent fantasies about them, it would not be untrue to say that I would not cry if, say, any of them were to be struck dead by a train in the coming New Year....."

This fey, pompous, snooty, lime-farting Enemy of All Things American had the gall and fundamental lack of honesty to call Rachel Jeantel a “smart cookie” after an appearance on his show that revealed Jeantel to be dumber than a hippo basking in an African mud pond. All year long, Morgan railed against guns, racism, Americans, American guns, American racists, and American racists with guns. Here’s hoping that some meth-addled gun nuts somewhere in the American heartland devise a gun big enough to shoot Piers Morgan all the way back to England.

This sourpussed high-yella jerkoff is MSBNC’s go-to pseudo-black guy whenever they want to blame white males for everything, which is always. He attended prep school in Massachusetts and is both in mannerisms and life experiences about as black as whipped cream. In college he edited a blackety-black newspaper that was “criticized for being militantly anti-white.” He has forged a career upon being black and talking about black things in a black way that stupid racist whites could never understand, but he fails to realize that such tired race-baiting only serves to create more white racists than Tom Metzger’s latest country-and-western album.

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