Monday, January 27, 2014

MSNBC Beefs Up it's Libtard Race Baiter Lineup

After a disastrous year for msnbc in the personal department,  it seems to not know the adage "the definition of stupid is doing the same failed thing over and over" and is keeping with the losing strategy of hiring on- air personalities ate up with left wing retard symptoms that manifest in the assigning a racist motive to all conservatives words and deeds, especially white males.

Msnbc is said to be ready to give Miami Herald columnist and regular contributer to the network,  Joy-Ann Reid her own soap box in their daytime lineup. A highly experienced teleprompter reader and affirmative action Harvard grad, Ms Reid will be a perfect example of leftist diversity and perfect bookend to her counterpart at night, Rev. Al Sharpton. Racist accusations and a gallant defense of the Obama administration morn till night on the big Cuckoo. 

Reid in the past has defined the GOP in very inflammatory terms involving a 40-year-old pop culture reference:
"Think of the Republican Party as kind of a three-legged stool, the business wing of the party, the religious right and kind of what you might sort of broadly call sort of the Archie Bunker wing, the kind of angry white male wing of the party..." 
 Ms. Reid is no stranger to attacking the GOP as a party of angry white men. In the past she has also claimed that black and Hispanic Republicans were mere “window-dressing”, and that CPAC attendees sympathize with slavery.  

In her world, Black people who stray from the Democrat Party are regularly intimidated and ridiculed by other black people.


  1. I am old enough to remember when a degree from Harvard actually meant something. Now they hand out degrees to people who couldn't have gotten hired here as janitorial staff a few years back. And worse, the people teaching there now would be better qualified to sweep the halls and classrooms after the school day ends. This is the great equalization the left is looking for, make everyone equal by dragging everyone down into the same sewer.

  2. Yes let us make everyone equally miserable. I despise the left.

  3. I think poor Joy had a long ago crush on the white football captain at her high school, and was hoping he would ask her to the prom. But he asked a blond 105 pound cheerleader instead. They were crowned king and queen of the prom. It's obvious.