Friday, January 10, 2014

They Just Don’t Make Political Scandals Like They Used To...

"In 1903, the sitting lieutenant governor of South Carolina shot and killed the editor of the state’s largest newspaper in broad daylight, in front of the State House. Jim Tillman believed the paper’s attacks cost him his bid for governor.  
He was acquitted in a trial controlled by his uncle — former governor and then U.S. Sen. 'Pitchfork Ben' Tillman. He literally got away with murder.
Now that was a scandal.
Yesterday Gov. Chris Christie held a 107-minute presser responding to a story about the politically motivated closure of several traffic lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge." Michael Graham, Boston Herald

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  1. Either Christie Creme is lying or he is completely incompetent. Either way he is not fit to be president. And my wife says he's too damn fat which is a sign of something deeply wrong with him.