Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Who Are the Real Extremist?

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo,  a pathetic power hungry shadow of his father the former Governor and respected liberal thinker Mario Cuomo, again shows which party exemplifies the bigotry, intolerance and extremism of today's America. Fostered by a racial divisive media and a corrupt empirical president protected by that obedient media, democrats drag America further and further towards a cliff and a more divided country. 

Cuomo's statement that mainstream conservatives are “extremists” and have “no place in New York” is just the  latest  testimony to the evidence to who are the real extremist. 

"Cuomo is an extremist, and he joins other Democrats who have sought to push mainstream views completely out of the national conversation. Rather than win arguments on the merits, Cuomo, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Boston Mayor Tom Menino and other Democrats are making mainstream, traditional beliefs taboo, while they seek to make what was once taboo mainstream. “They have no place here” could be a Democrat Party slogan.
The fact is, if Democrats had their way there would be no opposition to them at all. All traditional beliefs would be swept aside and the church, to the extent that is allowed to exist, would be co-opted by politicians and used for their own ends. Their endgame is to push traditional beliefs, indeed anything that offers any alternative to government power and authority, out of politics at every level of American life...."

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  1. Any conservative that can get out of New York should, and take their money with them.