Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's not about "Choice" or "Life" in General

Just as there will always be people who disagree over the historical importance of the BLT sandwich, there will always be a war between those who believe human life, in its most precious and innocent form, is expendable for the sake of self-convenience and those who believe that if there is one thing society has an obligation to defend, it is the life of the unborn.

People opposed to abortion should not refer to the other side as “pro-choice” or “anti-life.” The first plays into the hand of the opposition and the second is propagandistic (or at least it sounds that way). Likewise, we should never refer to ourselves as “pro-life” (again, it sounds propagandistic) or “anti-choice” (because we actually support choice in more areas than liberals do, just not when it comes to the choice of committing acts of barbarism against future generations before they even take their first breath).

Let’s keep it simple: We are anti-abortion. The matter being fought is abortion, not “choice” and not “life” in general, but abortion. Are “pro-lifers” not also usually supportive of the death penalty? Right, so we’re anti-abortion, and we should not be ashamed of that label.

We can not stop the gay agenda, at least not in it's present  incarnation. They are visible, with legions of screaming effeminates and cross dressing banshees. The intimidated media and large business have rolled over to them. 

But we must continue to stand up for the innocence, the unborn. 

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