Friday, February 28, 2014

New Clinton Papers Show A Stark Difference Between a Politican and a Community Organizer

Perhaps Obama Should Read a History of Dictators

According to long-withheld Clinton era documents disclosed today, Bill Clinton’s internal strategy in dealing with Republican congressional opponents was a universe apart from that of Barack Obama.

The Swamp
"Begala’s memo to Donald Baer and Doug Sosnick came in advance of a Clinton speech to newspaper editors in Dallas. It came near the end of a much-ballyhooed first 100 days of the so-called “Gingrich Revolution.
“Offer an iteration and defense of the GOP House’s accomplishments. Attempt to allay the public’s fears about the Republicans being mean spirited,”  
But, Paul Begala made clear, they weren’t being na├»ve.
“While Congress’s approval ratings are better, Gingrich’s ratings continue to plummet. At this pace, he’ll pass baseball owners in the race to the bottom. At the same time, the President’s job approval hovers around 50%---its highest level since the November election.” 
“In this setting strength ought to come from commitment to his vision; from his ability to rise above the political fray and see beyond the current skirmishes.”
“Gingrich will do everything he can to climb up on the stage as Head of Government.” The best way to derail him is for the President to ascend beyond his reach.” 
"The tact that the Clinton camp would take is dramatically different from the frequent venting by Obama about Republicans, especially those in the similarly GOP-controlled House." 

Obama is now in a fight to both define priorities and try to communicate what the White House tags a “Year of Action,” relying on a variety of initiatives that don’t need congressional approval.

Threats, waving his pen and whining about obstruction and partisanship are just a showcase of perceived power backed up by a protective Senate congressional body who is about to lose it's head.

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  1. Obama may gain a couple of points in the Black community for his new initiative to benefit Black and Hispanic kids, but he already has that constituency tied up. Among Whites it becomes more and more obvious that this president doesn't give a sh*t about Whites or the middle class. He is a racist demagogue intent of the destruction of this nation. I don't believe that he is the mastermind in this, though. He is merely the puppet, someone far smarter and far more insidious is pulling his strings.