Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dems Announce Starting Lineup for Team Pelosi

After threatening to boycott the upcoming Republican led Benghazi hearings, Nancy Pelosi must have realized that she'd be denying herself valuable face time from the media daily to give her spittle version of the days events, and gallantly  announced "Team Pelosi", the Democrat starting lineup for the big show. 

At quarterback is the always entertaining Rep. Elijah '"Hello is this thing on? " Cummings (D. Maryland) known for his expertise at not knowing when to shut up and feigning outrage at Republican committee chairman. Also announced as team member is Rep. Linda Sanchez (D. Cal) the less excitable sister of screeching banshee, Rep. Loretta  Sanchez (D. Cal.).
Other members are second-string house committee backbenchers, Tammy Duckworth (D- Illinois) Adam Smith (D-Washington) and Adam Schiff (D-Cal.) total unknowns to me and I'm assuming there as sacrificial collateral damage and keep the more power drunk House members from falling on their face like a wasted prom queen when the SHTF.

I'm sorely disappointed the Insane Troglodyte, Alan Grayson didn't make the cut. Surely he would have made possible dull hearing moments much more embarrassing events for the Dems, and an added baritone voice in the sure to come chorus of "We Have Already Covered This Before" you will hear over and over and .........  


  1. What's the point, they already told us what they intend to do.