Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So-Called Comprehensive Immigration Reform

"Comprehensive immigration reform' is not meant to be reform. It is not comprehensive, and it has little to do with legal immigration. If it did, we would be told precisely how the border was first to be secured; on what grounds those illegal aliens with criminal records, those on public assistance and without a work history, and those who just arrived would be deported; and how legal immigration in the future would be adjudicated. All that is never quite spelled out, because activists do not want the border closed. They do not want anyone deported under any circumstances. They do not want legal immigration to be meritocratic and ethnically and racially blind. But they cannot say that publicly, so they revert to the slurs of 'nativist' and 'racist.' To the degree that any would-be reformer wishes any of the above clarifications, it is probably only on the assumption that Barack Obama won’t enforce such laws anyway, but would pick and choose those that suit him, as he has in the past." - Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution


  1. Immigration Reform=Largest DemocRat Voter Signup In History

  2. Let's hope these things and the threat of these things makes Nov 2014=the greatest repudiation of a sitting president ever. Let the Impeachment proceedings begin!