Thursday, June 26, 2014

Softening Up America For The Final Assault

With President Obama authorizing the release of 36,000 illegal immigrants back into the US population, many of who are convicted criminals of violent acts, our border security is in shambles. Border patrol agents told to duck and hide when confronted by well-armed drug cartel members, they are being ordered to allow illegal immigrants to cross as false and rehearsed excuses are used to get into the our country, this as our southern-most military bases are being used as daycare facilities for thousands of illegal immigrant children have been ushered across told that they will be accepted. Now disease epidemics such as measles are on the way to becoming major health risks.

The Obama administration has targeted states that defied their idiotic amnesty policies such as Arizona and Texas where illegal immigrants are being flown to and dropped off in major cities by the thousands with no end in sight. When asked about what the hell is going on, the White House response is, “We will continue to drop off these illegal immigrants in your cities.” The abject lawlessness and ambivalence is shocking. The disregard for the safety of the American legal citizen is outrageous, and yet it goes on unreported by the news media and unchallenged by the Republicans, whose job it is to defy such lawlessness!

 What we have is the equivalent of a softening up operation of chaos and internal compromise designed to completely cause this nation to collapse or succumb. All the signs are there. Every nation that has ever fallen prey to being internally corrupted have been defeated the same way we are seeing America being gradually eroded to the point of no return. All the while the sold out, bought out main stream media either refuses to report what is going on or is handed what they are to broadcast to the American public by White House press releases.

Do not kid yourselves. America is under siege by its own leadership. All branches of government with few heroic exceptions have been compromised and are no longer performing their duties based upon their Constitutional responsibilities. The people have been blinded with lies of narratives and biased news reporting thanks to the Democratic Party. The GOP has stood aside and watched exercising only token resistance.

One need only to look at the heads of the Dept. of Justice, Homeland Security and the National Security Adviser to see the agenda. 

Thanks to the Cloward Piven strategy utilized faithfully by President Obama and his minions, who have rejoiced in the destruction of all institutions of moral and traditionally of the American heritage, the people of this once great nation are allowing it to fall with eyes wide shut!


  1. Jan did you write this? If so I want to borrow it word for word and send to my Senators and House Rep. This is a most excellent piece of writing. The only words I will add afterwards are


    1. Thanks Jan, outstanding article. Now if we can find someone to listen.

    2. Totally agree, Jack. This was an outstanding mini-manifesto. Needs to get out there.

  2. Okay I have sent it to my two Senators and Congressman. Hopefully they'll get the message that we are way beyond damn sick and tired of Obama's lawlessness.

    I told each one of them to do their sworn Constitutional Duty and Impeach Obama. Each and everyone of us needs to do this and do it often.

  3. Objectively, the Obama shunning of Constitutional laws is proof that the Administration intends to continue it and to escallate the process. The situation has now become one of anarchy with in-process establishment of socialism and police control via Presidential Orders. There has been copious intellectual Conservative opposition to these Obama orders with pleas to our Congress to throttle him. But Congress is mesmerized into inactivity by protocol and Victorian practice. Citizen pleas and petitions are ignored. Obama will now escallate these orders unopposed over the entire coming two years. Congress could care less. If the citizenry dares to rise in opposition, the riot police are now essentially formed and definitely armed will anhialate them. This is the Obama plan. What are you going to do about it?

  4. So what's new? Most of us had this figured out by O's first year in office! "Of the people, by the people and for the people" has become "of the stupid, by the ignorant, and for the tyrant" in this nation. It can only be changed by a landslide conservative victory in the house and Senate ,,, followed by congressional action against the entire Obama administration and elected officials who support his policies. Nothing else has a chance of stopping him.