Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dems Continuing War on the Constitution

"The impossible just got legs for a potential possibility; and not a good one at that. In a bare-faced political move, forty-six elected Democrats in our United States Senate; that’s EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT of all Democrats, are willing to make a change to our most predominant, most revered and oldest established legal document, the United States Constitution, all for their desire for more political power in our government.
These self-loathing discriminators, just for personal gain, would change the most important document in the American arsenal of judicial decrees, destroying any and all credence in the minds of the American people. They would ban free speech for Americans if they chose not to like it. No political discourse would ever reach our newspapers or airwaves if those Democrats chose to block it. Two sides to every political discussion would be gone forever if banned by our Constitution as the Democrats are successful in their banning efforts.
This is brazen and unmitigated impudence and gall. Has God suddenly decreed that ONLY discourse spoken by Democrats can be aired or printed? If this Democrat proposed constitutional amendment is passed we would only be allowed to hear THEIR side of any political discussion. How kingly, or dictatorially decadent can we sink to?"
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  1. Here cometh the Thought Police. I wish a DEADLY POX would beset every last damn democRat. These bitches and bastards will not be happy until they destroy the United States. God please save us.