Saturday, August 9, 2014

Charging Hell With a Water Pistol

Obama's incompetence meets its greatest challenge to date.

by Robert Janicki
If President Obama thinks he can get away with pin prick attacks on the ISIS terrorists storming into Iraq creating murder and mayhem among the various minority populations and then call it a day, he is seriously mistaken.  Obama is in over his head like at no other time in his presidency.  Obama has fewer options available to confront the current terrorism than he has had at any point in the past.  Millions will suffer from Obama's many failures, while hundreds of thousands will die.  Meanwhile, Obama will vacation at Martha's Vineyard, barnstorm to fund raise, and then give stump speeches across America to blame everyone else for the failures of his foreign policy around the world. 
Of all of Obama's many foreign relations failures, and there are many, Iraq is coming back to illustrate his most substantial failure in simply walking away from Iraq in 2011.  Obama was driven ideologically and politically to withdraw from Iraq to satisfy the far left anti war radicals in the Democrat Party.  
Obama's intransigence in dealing with Iraq to establish a "status of forces" agreement to leave residual U.S. forces in Iraq and his stubborn determination to turn his back on Iraq, will result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of minorities in northern Iraq, which we are already beginning to see as ISIS terrorists reign over the northwestern portion of Iraq.  Make no mistake.  Obama walked away from Iraq and simply used Iraq's Prime Minister refusal to accept only a small training force in Iraq, as an excuse to completely withdraw from Iraq.  It didn't have to happen and all serious political and military analysts acknowledge that tact.
But that's just the obvious tip of the proverbial iceberg.
ISIS is funded with billions of dollars it has stolen from banks in Iraq.  It is a rabid, but substantial group of the worst of the worst Islamic terrorists to ever assemble as a real and potent force to enforce its will upon not only the Middle East, but quite potentially whatever it chooses to attack anywhere in the world.  That includes domestic target in the United States.  Bob Baer, former CIA undercover operative, has indicated that his sources have told him of ISIS agents infiltrating into the U.S. using the flood of illegal immigrants to cover their entry.
If Americans think 9/11 was a horrible egregious act of terrorism, they may have to rethink that if well funded ISIS barbarians have breached our southern border in order to inflict maximum terror and turmoil upon America and Americans.
Be assured that Obama will blame George W. Bush for his own strategic blunder in leaving Iraq at the mercy of the many terrorist elements in the region.  Americans need to remember on November 4th all the lies Obama told Americans about al Queda being "on the run", the world being safer than it has been in decades and that an Arab spring was about to blossom with peace across the Middle East.  All these fanciful thoughts have been proven to be not only wrong, but  purposeful and deceitful propaganda to win the 2012 presidential election and additional congressional races to increase the Democrat numbers in Congress.
Opposing Obama is not merely an act to oppose an incompetent president, it is an act of patriotism to restore America's strength and vitality as the sole super power on the world stage.  America, much as we might like to disown the mantle of super power, is the only nation in the world with the potential power to create a safer world for billions of people to live and grow up in.  Ultimately, peace comes through superior fire power wielded by a benign nation, such as the United States, seeking nothing more than peace in as much of the world as possible..  America may not be able to guarantee peace around the world, but it can keep in check the most dangerous terrorist forces arrayed before us on the world stage.

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  1. I truly believe Obama simply does not care about the world or America, period. I do not believe he is incompetent, I believe Obama is doing what he doing with the sole purpose of destroying America.