Saturday, August 30, 2014

Dingy Harry's Alma Mater Strips His Name from Building

Southern Utah University, where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went to school, is stripping his name from one of its buildings after the city where the college is located got $40,000 in pledges in five days from people who wanted his name to come down. 

The Nevada Democrat’s name had been put on the Southern Utah University Outdoor Engagement Center (?) to honor the school’s famous alumnus, President Scott Wyatt told The Spectrum newspaper.
"The Harry Reid name created confusion about the purpose of the center because nobody associated Harry Reid with the outdoors, so they were having a hard time creating a clear brand. 
While Cozzens is still somewhat concerned that the name may be actively used in the future, he said he is happy to see the Reid name go for now, arguing that he had been approached by friends from Nevada who said they would not support the university as long as the senator’s name was associated with it in any way......"
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.....and I'll pitch in a $20 to help get his name stripped from the Senate Majority Leader's Office Door!  Anyone?


  1. Who can imagine a school not being proud of the Dimbulb from Searchlight?

  2. That's worth a $100, at least. And I'll pitch in an extra $20 if we can get his name stenciled onto some public toilets or get some male strippers to start using his name.

  3. I'm thinking, what if we could get together a buyout of the last two years of B. Hussein's contract?

  4. Nevada really needs to do a better job of picking senators.

  5. What does electing Harry Reid say about the voters of Nevada? Seriously, who would vote for this mentally disordered individual? Is Reid the very best that the Democrats in Nevada have to offer as a candidate? After what Obama has done to America in 6 years, it would seem a no brainer that Democrats would lose big time in the upcoming midterm elections, but that's not necessarily the case. Has America become mentally disordered to the point that they can no longer see reality? It's a very disturbing thought.