Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maybe Eric Holder Should Clean Up His Own Yard

"D.C. police say that of the 18 race-based hate crimes in 2013, the majority of victims were white and the majority of suspects black. The number of incidents was up from the 13 race-based bias crimes reported in 2012."
In 2009 Eric Holder went on record and testified before a Senate judiciary Committee to explain new Hate Crime legislation was written to protect those that have historically been oppressed and targeted because of skin color or religious affiliation, giving African Americans and Jews as examples. When asked some simple question pertaining to how the laws would be enforced Mr. Holder stumbled over himself a bit as he struggled to justify his reasoning. 

This we call a post-racial America, where your skin color determines if you hate or not.  


  1. Enforced? The same way this DOJ has always enforced laws. When they GD feel like it. Or when Valerie tells them to.

  2. Using facts, statistics and reasoning makes you a racist. Didn't you get the message?

  3. On my bucket list is to meet this POS in a dark alley some night. We'll talk baseball.