Monday, August 25, 2014

The Vanity of a Democrat's Insanity

by Robert Janicki

What is it about Democrats and their propensity toward inane, if not absolutely insane comments?  Take this latest comment:

From the Washington Free Beacon.
A prominent Philadelphia union official said that police officers should “suffer” in the wake of the Ferguson riots.
Stewart Acuff, organizing director of the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees local 1199, says police should “suffer” in order to win justice for Mike Brown, the 18-year-old unarmed man shot dead in a small Missouri city.
The cops are pawns who should suffer for what they did.#TrayvonMartin #MikeBrown #EricGarner #inequality
— Stewart Acuff (@stewartacuff) August 18, 2014
In addition to his current local organizing role, Acuff is a former organizing director for the AFL-CIO, according to the Labor Union Report.
Does this fool realize or even care that many law enforcement agencies are unionized?  He sounds just like the vigilante mobs in Ferguson, MO.  Perhaps he needs to be treated in the same lawless manner he suggests cops should be treated.  It sounds like it would be a "proportional response" to me.

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