Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Worst of Demagogues

The worst of the lot are not from the envious poor, but from among the embarrassed wealthy. 

This fully explains the high-low composition of the Democratic party, with super-wealthy elites at one end and lofo and lower IQ hordes at the other. You could say that the difference between the two is that the elites are bankrupt in every way except financially.

This little formula explains why the wealthiest counties in the nation trend Democrat, just as do places like Ferguson. The two are locked in a deathly parasitic embrace, for liberals destroy and have destroyed the very people they most rely upon to support them at the polls, and the underclass can be relied upon to support the very people and polices that ensure its own continued ruin. The resultant civilizational collapse is what they call "progress."

Is greed a sufficient reason to account for wealth? If so, then every human being would be wealthy. But envy is a sufficient reason to account for poverty, and the left's core idea -- well, to be perfectly accurate, it is not an idea. Rather, envy is a human instinct that cannot be eliminated, only indulged or overcome. A necessary condition of national wealth is breaking through the envy barrier, so that people can become successful and wealthy without incurring the primitive "evil eye" of the envious.

 But at the same time, the successful must tolerate the inevitable envy of others without surrendering to the impulse to make the envy go away by feeding it. This only fuels the envy, which is precisely why so many race riots broke out after the greatest successes of the civil rights movement. (And to be clear, the cosmic imperative to exercise charity toward one's fellow man has nothing to do with appeasing envy; they arise from radically different places.)

After 1965 the movement transitioned from advocating universal principles to nurturing universal envy and resentment. If an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson -- or Jeremiah Wright -- are actually your "leaders," then that is a hint that you have spiritually hit bottom.


  1. Whoa. That last sentence really sums it up. You could also add that, "If you're a producer for a news network, and you give a news & commentary program to a guy like Al Sharpton, that's how you know you've really hit moral bottom and are wrangling for a really high post in Hell."

  2. I have a permanent solution to those three. It involves the letters FMJ and the number 5.56 and one will do.

  3. As Thatcher said, 'The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.' America is running out of other people's money and the liberals tell us the solution is we need to more fully implement their socialist schemes.