Monday, September 29, 2014

Christian Science Monitor Joins Main Stream Media in the Stupid End of the Pool

Questions if Oklahoma Beheading was Really a Terrorist Act?

According to a staff writer at the Christian Science Monitor, the islamic beheader of Moore  Oklahoma may not have any formal connection with terror groups, and seems to just be "deeply sympathetic toward extremist Muslim groups" as proven by his post of "rambling Islamist invectives, photos of Osama bin Laden, and an image of a decapitation" on his social media outlets. 

In other words, his lack of possessing an official sanctioned islamic beheading permit, it wasn't an actual act of terrorism.
Jail House muslim convert Alton Alexander Nolen
by Rob Janicki
Hasn't CSM heard about "self radicalized" terrorists being encouraged to act out as "lone wolves" by ISIS and other islamist terrorist groups?  Seriously, just how dumb can CSM be?  They're so open minded, their brains have fallen out.  Okay, they're liberals, so that explains their confused and convoluted reasoning.  But it doesn't excuse their duty to report the facts and let readers draw their own conclusions.  
Not satisfied with showing the world how open minded they are, CSM goes on to demonstrate that they are completely clueless in the real world by trying our patience with their over intellectualizing of a very simple concept.  Nolen engaged in an act of savage barbarism commonly practiced by the most evil of the evil islamic terrorists.  He was an acknowledged convert to radical Islam.  The first step to prove his bona fides was to go out and convert infidels to islam.  The second and more important step was to kill infidels who refused to convert.  That pretty much defines his intent to prove himself to others in the Islamic terrorist movement.  
I'm not even certain CSM would accept a confession from Nolen that he was acting as an islamic terrorist.  I suspect CSM would jump in and claim he was merely lead astray for the moment when his true intent was to kill based upon the silly ass concept of "workforce violence".  The trouble with this idea is that Nolen did not seek out and kill anyone in his former work group that may have lead to his firing, which CSM seems to be asserting was his motivation for decapitating one woman and seriously injuring another woman.
At one level or another, liberals are nothing more than apologists for terrorists, much like they are apologists for minorities that cannot control themselves and engage in all kinds of mayhem, including murder, because they have been socially and economically deprived by the dominant white society.  That's plain bullshit that has been called out by Black conservatives as ridiculous and not based n demonstrable facts.
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