Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nutjob RFK is Again Calling For Imprisonment of Climate Skeptics and CEO's

The folks at the Climate Depot have uncovered video where Robert F. Kennedy Junior said he wants to imprison his political opponents, put energy CEOs and the Koch brothers in prison for “treason” and “reckless endangerment.”

As typical of most liberals, silencing the opposition – whether by imprisoning them or shouting them down – is all too common.

This isn’t the first time the vocally-challenged activist has called for sending political opponents to prison. In 2007, he said climate skeptics were “traitors” and should be treated as such and in 2009, he said coal company CEOs should be “in jail for all of eternity.”


  1. Crazy Skill Level: Bearded, wild-eyed, homeless, tourettes-afflicted, living-under-a-bridge-in-Santa-Cruz obsessing on a theory about gov't mind-control.

    How this guy has a pad in Malibu and a hot girlfriend is beyond me.

    1. The pad in Malibu and a hot girlfriend are easily explained ........ Kennedy money.

  2. Freedom of speech sometimes can be a pain in the butt.

  3. I always listen to wealthy alcoholics who inherited their wealth and what they have to say. Surely there must be some pearl of wisdom to be learned from this blithering idiot. Okay, I've learned that he's a hypocrite and quite possibly cognitively challenged from his alcoholism.

  4. What do you figure his blood alcohol level is in this interview, Robert? 0.25? 0.37? With somebody this advanced, it's hard to tell.