Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Obama Can't Get Out of the Way of His Own Failures

by Robert Janicki
Essentially, President Obama is an intellectual captive of his own making.  He is so deeply committed to realizing the delusional dreams of his father and his early mentors, that he cannot see the world as it really exists.  He is inexorably locked into a delusional vision embedded in his psyche that he cannot get beyond.
Obama fancies himself a pragmatist, which he has told one audience after another for over six years.  It's as if calling yourself a pragmatist somehow elevates your thinking and actions to that of a "seer of all cosmic events before they unfold."  Unfortunately, this is just part of Obama's pattern of self delusion.
Obama has created a patch work of bits and pieces of misinformation from his father, Frank Marshall Davis and a host of other mentors throughout his life.  It's as if he has taken, Political Cliff Notes for Dummies, and created his very own vision of how the world should be, rather than what it is today.  Unfortunately, Obama's vision of how the world should be is no better than his analysis of how the world is today.
Everyone of Obama's foreign policy initiatives has been a failure on multiple levels.  Obama has either sided with those who would ultimately do America harm or failed to act against those who openly seek to do America harm or operate in a manner that does not support or at least meet American interests.
All of Obama's decisions, whether on domestic issues or foreign policy, have been based up political considerations that will benefit him personally and secondarily will benefit the cause of a continuing liberal progressive agenda on both domestic and global issues.  No where in Obama's reasoning is America's best national interest seriously considered.  It's always political considerations from Obama that trump America's national interests.
And that's where Obama finds himself today.   Much like the concept from the movie "Ground Hog Day", Obama is reliving his failures over and over again in one form or another like a continuous loop movie trailer.   
Meanwhile, America becomes weaker as its enemies become stronger in the face of America's obviously increasing weaknesses.
Rob Janicki is owner/operator and HMFIC of the website Wired Right 

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