Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Statement That May Have Sealed Mary Landrieu's Fate

This evening I attended the U.S. Senate Candidate's Debate held  here at Centenary College Shreveport. For the most part, it was as expected, Landrieu attacked Cassidy's voting record, Cassidy corrected the lies in her campaign ads and made her own up to her record which she seems proud of, and the Tea Party Candidate seemed bored with the whole thing.

At the very end, all three candidates were asked to rate the President, and Governor Jindal. It was Mary's answer that brought smiles and muted laughter from some of the state's most noted political watchers in attendance. Having distanced herself from the Obama throughout her re-election campaign, no one expected her to answer as she did. Running 4 points behind Cassidy, some say it was a 'Hail Mary', so to speak, and a very unwise thing to say.

Here's video from Louisiana Public Broadcasting.