Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Strange Disappearance of Kim Jong #un

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Now, this is what you call "breaking" news....
Apparently, Kim Jong Un is so short, so overweight and so vain that his use of high heels caused him to facture both ankles. Yes, if this story is true, the portly North Korean dictator simply wobbled a bit too unsteadily on his heels. Next thing you know, gravity did what it does best: snap! snap! 

According to some sources, the Not-So-Little Little Emperor has undergone surgery to repair both fractures and is now recuperating from the ordeal. 
This bizarre story involving "Cuban heels" -- yeah, blame it all on something Cuban -- explains his recent disappearance from the public eye. (According to Wikipedia, high heels on men's shoes are known as "Cuban heels.")
That such preposterous footwear should be linked to Cuba seems wrong. The high heel was invented by none other than another height-challenged monarch: King Louis XIV of France, in the 17th century.
Anyway, questions of attribution aside, it seems that roly-poly Kim Jong Un takes a fall every time something Cuban shows up in his life. Last year it was the Chon Chong Gang Sugary Missile shipment from Cuba. This year it's a pair of "Cuban" heels.
Perhaps he should reciprocate by sending Raul Castro a pair of Korean shoes with stiletto heels. No, wait, Raul probably owns hundreds of pairs already. Maybe he should just send him some extra-spicy Kim Chee, so he can end up like his brother Fidel.
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