Saturday, April 4, 2015

Trashing Liberal Arts for the Masses

Liberal professors have trashed the liberal arts, by converting so many liberal-arts courses into indoctrination centers for left-wing causes and fads, instead of courses where students learn how to weigh conflicting views of the world for themselves. 
Now a professor of English, one of the most fad-ridden of the liberal arts today, blames conservative critics for the low esteem in which liberal arts are held. Surely a professor of English cannot be unaware of how English departments, especially, have become hotbeds of self-indulgent, trendy fads such as trashing classic writings — using Shakespeare’s works as just another ideological playground for romping through with the current mantra of “race, class, and gender…The problem is not political, but educational. 
As John Stuart Mill pointed out back in the 19th century, students must hear opposing views from people who actually believe them, not as presented by people who oppose them.  —   Thomas Sowell

As someone who's early education was in a foreign country and came home to America and finished University at 19,  I witnessed first hand the educators who in the 1960s and 70s as students demanded their views be heard, their speech be unencumbered, the truth from their political leaders and demand fair social justice for all,  in turn produce a generation of Journalist who have become a political party master's most useful idiots, who believe truth is what every they make it, falsify facts to fit their needs and become in some cases, the story themselves. 

They have produced a generation of scientist who subscribe to unproven theories, supported by falsified data and hold steadfast in their views in order to gain lucrative grants. They have produce a generation of teachers that see racism or oppression in almost every piece of literature from "Moby Dick" to "Dr Seuss". They teach the White Male,  who's historical achievement in the advancement of civilization are being either attributed to someone else, criticized as evil or ignored altogether, as well as made life hell on earth for everyone of color, despite the evidence.  

They have succeeded in producing a generation who protest and shout down anyone with views opposing their own, worship social media as their god of truth, and refuse to see their responsibility in electing the corrupting forces that are tearing the country apart, all the while being willingly led around by the nose.