Friday, May 1, 2015

Calm the Hell Down Wingnuts!

Military Equipment headed north from Port of New Orleans for refurbishing / decommission

(1) The Jade Helm type military exercises are not new… urban warfare training has gone on since the WWs.

(2) There is NO standing order to disarm us or round us up.

(3) The reports of “trains with shackles” were invented by yet another disgruntled retiree planning a book.

(4) The uniforms pictured in the stuff flying around the web are not current military issue. They were decommissioned about a decade ago. Forest camo is now surplus available to any schmo with a few bucks.  As some one working closely with cops, ex-cops, and ex- military in my charity and civic actives, I can tell you that even if there are a few active guys out there wanting to round you up: there are twenty more out here ready to defend your family as well as their own.

Too many people want this to be the start of next all out war with government. Tell me… If you were a leftist looking at the current prospects of the left keeping any power in the next election… what would you do? (A) actual all out war with the people, (B) cause enough panic to give you an excuse to eliminate opposition voters by making them felons for jumping at shadows and lashing out?

As a magician once told me …You are focusing on the wrong hand.