Friday, July 24, 2015

The Screws Tighten Around Ma Clinton

By Esther Goldberg
Valerie Jarrett, who first put the screws to Hillary Clinton by leaking information about her e-mail problems, appears to be tightening them.
The Wall Street Journal reports that the inspector general of the intelligence community has found that at least four emails from Hillary’s personal account contained information that was classified at the second highest level of secrecy at the time that she sent them. Uh…I mean “at the time that they were sent.” The IG referred the matter to the FBI’s counterintelligence division. The Justice Department first disclosed that the investigation was criminal in nature, but later it inexplicably reversed itself on that point.
This is interesting because of the timing of the Administration's leak to the New York Times, its favorite stenographer, as it came just days after Hillary went out on a limb and committed herself to supporting the Iran nuke deal. The Administration badly needed this support, because of the number of Democrats that Hillary’s support would bring. So giving it was very much like telling the thugs who are holding you hostage where you’ve hidden the money. Once they know, they don’t need you anymore.
The Justice Department has pulled back on calling the investigation “criminal,” but it can always reverse itself again. So Valerie Jarrett has Hillary just where she wants her: Hillary will do and say anything to keep the Administration happy and herself out of jail. For once, she and Bill are playing with guys who play even less nice than they do.
In the end, the Administration can make her go away and insert Joe Biden in her place. Or, it can keep her around and Valerie can have another president on the end of her puppet strings.