Monday, August 17, 2015

Are We Witnessing Another Collapse of the Party System?

ACCIt is entertaining. All the “Ready for Hillary” bumper stickers seem to have vanished over the last month or so. Donald Trump is making mincemeat of the GOP party apparatus. All sorts of assumptions about the 2016 presidential race have been tossed out. Rules have been broken. New paths are being blazed. It has all thrown the Washington political class for a loop. And that is a very good thing.....

Personal Liberty
I know it’s still early, but it’s beginning to appear this election cycle that conventional wisdom may not hold.
The pundit class and the establishment politicians inhabiting the insular bubble that is the District of Criminals are flummoxed. They can’t fathom why the hoi polloi will not fall in line behind establishment-approved candidates (and there are several, but particularly they are Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton). Some pundits are even offering to turn in their “pundit license.”
For example, The Washington Post’s Charles Lane told Brett Baier on Fox News’ Special Report last week: “I think I’m going to have to turn in my pundit’s license because — or somebody is going to revoke it because I really can’t analyze this phenomenon. We’re living through one of the strangest, most — if not strange, one of the most puzzling moments in politics that I can remember.”
Americans in flyover country have long sensed that the politicians they elect are not the politicians who end up inhabiting the District of Criminals. And they have long sensed that the system is rigged against them and in favor of the establishment and crony corporations. Though they have sensed it, for the most part they still have played along in the hope that, somehow, something will change. 
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