Monday, August 31, 2015

Cheetos vs. Strawberries: NAACP Attempts to Explain Man Made Global Warming Racism

 The Genius of Black America's Leadership

Global warming is why cops arrest black people who break the law. Global warming causes black children to get suspended from school for misbehaving. Global warming is why it’s easier to get Cheetos than strawberries in black neighborhoods.

Note: No Government Cheese was Harmed in the Making of this Post
Madeleine Taylor is Executive Director of the Memphis Branch of the NAACP. Today she wrote a column for, in which she tries to make the case that man-made global warming is racist. I know, it sounds crazy enough already, right? There’s actually much much more lunacy to be had. It turns out the NAACP has an official policy concerning global warming and one of the “racist” impacts they claim is the lack of strawberries.
Here is what Taylor says is the NAACP’s position on man-made global warming:
"Climate Change is about Katrina, Rita, and Ike devastating communities in Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas, Climate Change is about our sisters and brothers in the Bahamas who will be losing their homes to rising sea levels in the coming few years. Climate Change is about people in Detroit, Ohio, Pennsylvania..."
Yes, because we all know that no white people live in the Gulf Coast region and therefore they did not feel the impact of the aforementioned hurricanes. And of course there’s no white people in Detroit, Ohio or Pennsylvania. Okay, I’ll give ‘em Detroit.
"Climate Change is about sisters and brothers in West Virginia who are breathing toxic ash from blasting for mountain top removal. Climate Change is about our folks in Thibodeaux, Louisiana who are being forced to move within the next 10 years because rising sea levels will result in the submersion of the coastal land that is their home currently."
So far the NAACP rant is trying to take things that happen to everyone and make it seem like they only affect black people. Essentially they are saying it rains harder on black people than white people. If that doesn’t seem crazy enough, there’s this:
"It’s about the fact that race–over class–is the number one indicator for the placement of toxic facilities in this country. Climate change is about the fact that in our communities it is far easier to find a bag of Cheetos than a carton of strawberries."
The only thing I can think of is that blacks have become so accustomed to blaming all of their problems on racism that now that they think global warming is racist. They are throwing in every grievance they can.
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