Thursday, August 20, 2015

Governor Moonbeam Just called You a Genetically Inferior Troglodyte

The debate over global warming and climate change got uglier recently after California Gov. Jerry Brown of "no vaccine choice" fame insulted the intelligence – and genetic makeup – of everyone who disagrees with his premise that these phenomena are real.

Like all global warming alarmists, Brown – who was attending a "climate change summit" in Canada – made the same old tired, dire predictions of doom and gloom if the world continues to burn fossil fuels. But he also had a special descriptor for those who dare to call a hoax a hoax.

As for the "climate deniers," whom reporters present took to primarily mean Republicans (Brown is a Democrat), he added: "We have a lot of troglodytes south of the border."

There are descriptors for self-important blowhards who have made their living from taxpayers their entire adult careers (like Brown), but an exchange of name-calling is a pointless endeavor. Better to educate the masses with truth because after all, the truth will set us free. The troglodyte reference by Brown is interesting for its context; Brown apparently feels that anyone who disagrees with him regarding the future of the planet does not have the genetic brain power to debate him, much less prove him wrong. But then, most Yale Law School grads might think that, for a healthy dose of arrogance no doubt accompanies the diploma.

But having an Ivy League mouth doesn't give one license to presume the rest of the lesser-educated and unwashed masses are ignorant mutant fools with nothing useful to contribute to the debate. Yet this is precisely what the California governor and serial consumer of taxpayer funds believes.

How to convert the non-believer? Maybe eugenics?

After all, the "noble" state of California once led the nation in forced sterilizations, and while some 32 states had similar programs, "California was in a league of its own," CNN reported in 2013. The program in the Golden State was so successful that, in the mid-1930s, Nazi officials consulted California eugenicists before establishing their own program in Germany.

(Natural News)