Thursday, September 17, 2015

Has Hillary Become Just Red Meat?

Hillary Clinton's troubles continue to mount: from falling poll numbers, rumors of Clinton Foundation corruption, email server scandals and congressional committee investigations, people high up in the intelligence community leaking stories to the press, word of an Obama instigated backstabbing in way of a DOJ investigation, and rumors of a possible indictment looming.  We also hear from released email just how vicious this woman and people around her can be.  Last June, leaked emails revealed that Hillary henchman Sidney Blumenthal had orchestrated news stories undermining Caroline Kennedy while she was vying to be appointed to Hillary’s Senate seat in 2008.  A thread back to the Clintons had been unprovable until the Guccifer hacking disclosed incriminating emails.
"Blumenthal, who made his bones with Hillary by sliming Bill’s intern Monica Lewinsky after it became public knowledge she had been performing her services under the desk in the Oval Office, really outdid himself smearing Caroline. Blumenthal had an arrangement with Tina Brown where he could, as a freelance consultant, commission stories to be written for the Daily Beast. 
He generated stories kneecapping Kennedy including two pieces critical of Kennedy, one referring to her as a “puppet” and the other describing her candidacy as an “insult”  because the Clinton's feared that if she secured the Senate seat she could become a rival for power. Brown, a longstanding Clinton ally, facilitated the smears. She now says she was unaware Blumenthal may simultaneously have been on the Clinton Foundation payroll. 
Kennedy's timely endorsement of the little-known Barack Obama over Hillary in 2008 was significantly helpful in him gaining the nomination.  It's said Caroline Kennedy is furious over the revelation that a confidant of Hillary Clinton secretly sabotaged her bid to become a Senator and Kennedy may seek her revenge by backing veep Joe Biden if he runs for president.

Is it any wonder democrats are starting to turn on her, and saying things in private they not dare say in least not yet.  They smell blood in the water and she's losing support daily with the drip drip of news of this woman's dealings, and is about to be exposed for what she is, a vicious uncouth politician, and criminal. 

And the more we learn, the more she becomes red meat for people the Clinton's have wronged over the years, and for the natural enemies she made by aligning herself with the Obama administration.  When the fall finally comes, it's not going to be pretty at all, and an opportunity for Clinton enemies to feed publicly on the the blood of the fresh red meat.