Friday, November 13, 2015

This Has Not Been a Good Week.

Not for me. Saturday I sat stunned as I watched LSU get totally dominated by Alabama, then Tuesday I learned that my friend and former business partner, Blues Legend Allen Toussaint had died.  That made the difficulties at the studio this week more overwhelming to say the least, and yesterday I stumbled going up the stairs and broke two fingers on my right hand and had to have my most prized sapphire ring cut from my finger. Then early this morning, I watched helplessly as a fox chased down and killed a feral kitten I had been feeding on my back porch all summer. And just hours ago I get a frantic call from a childhood friend in Chartres telling me she's been unable to make contact with her brother in Paris this evening. 

I think I'll lock the doors, blow off my plans, and curl up with a bottle of Chateau Simone and watch the Hogs and Tigers play tomorrow, and sleep the the weekend. I really need a couple of days away.....