Sunday, December 27, 2015

#BlackLivesMatter Get Trolled in Epic Prank

Freedom Daily
Groups like the Black Lives Matter movement have made it their mission to paint all police officers as criminals, no matter what the facts of the situation are.  Independent Journal recently reported that a social media page called “Civilians against CopBlock” posted a photo of two police officers that it claimed had killed over 250 people “in the line of duty.” 
“Civilians against CopBlock” is a page dedicated to countering the lies perpetrated by the anti-cop social media organization “CopBlock.”
“These two officers in Georgia have killed over 250 people in the line of duty. They were best friends in high school and entered the police academy together only to fuel a more sinister and sexually devious lifestyle than anyone could predict.”  

Predictably, several people went apeshit and commented under the photo decrying police nationwide and claiming that this was just another example of the systematic brutality of America’s police force. 
But unfortunately, some didn't bother to read the entirety of the post before venting their spleens.  The two “officers” in the post were from the hit TV show “The Walking Dead.” 
Some social media users got the joke (the hashtag #zombielivesmatter at the end of the post was a dead giveaway) and poked fun at the gullibility of anti-police folk.  
Much of what the Black Lives Matter folks rely upon is pure social media speculation mingled with the occasional blatant lie. If they bothered to investigate, they’d realize that the “systematic” racism that they love to talk about isn’t nearly as systematic as they think. 
People are so desperate to prove that all police are evil, they'll fall for anything that seems to support their narrative. I'd like to think they learned their lesson from this, but they probably haven't.