Monday, December 14, 2015

For the First Time, Majority of NYT Readers Oppose Assault Weapon Ban

Shortly after the San Bernardino shooting, the New York Times made a big deal out of posting an editorial on the front page for the first time in nearly a hundred years. The article was a scathing condemnation of our nation’s gun laws, as well as America’s gun culture. However, their impassioned plea for more gun legislation hasn’t had its intended effect.

For 20 years the New York Times has periodically surveyed their readers, asking them if they would support an assault weapons ban. For the first time since 1995, a majority of their readers opposed the ban. In January of 1995, 67% of readers supported the ban, and 27% opposed. By 2011 there was a slight shift, with 63% in favor and 34% opposed. By 2015 there was a dramatic change with only 44% in favor of a ban, and 50% opposed.

The numbers suggest that support for the ban is falling even faster than its opposition is rising, with 19% less support than in 2011, and 16% more in opposition. The gun control crowd should be deeply concerned. If a majority of the readers for a dying, left leaning, pro-government rag no longer support more heavy handed gun regulations, then clearly the gun grabbers are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of America.