Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sheriff Clarke on BLM Leader Deray McKesson’s Bid for Mayor

McKesson and Wolfie Early Last Year

After partying at the White House over the holidays,  America's favorite SJW and feral ghetto rat agitator now thinks he can run a major city.  Some not so much.....

Sheriff David Clarke told Baltimore voters to run “far and fast” from Black Lives Matter protester DeRay Mckesson.
Mckesson’s announcement of his bid for mayor of Baltimore set Clarke off and he issues a warning to Baltimore voters.
“His platform is that he want to destroy another great American city much like he did when he was down there rabble-rousing in Ferguson, Missouri. 
“We saw his lack of leadership ability in the city of Ferguson as that city went up in flames. If DeRay Mckesson wants to make Baltimore a better city he can do that by packing up and leave and it will become a better city the next day.”
Clarke was asked about Mckesson being a “professional protester”.
“It doesn’t mean anything. Like I said it means he is an underachiever and he doesn’t have any real skills to offer. I can’t believe that colleges and universities are stealing young people’s money for tuition offering these useless degrees where there is no demand in the marketplace for that sort of thing. So what you do, you either go into teaching at a university or you become a riot starter or a troublemaker like DeRay Mckesson.”