Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Someones Knocking at the Door, Someones Ringing the Bell......

If Paul McCartney Were to Show Up at Your Party…

The Spectacle
Now I've seen everything.
"After the Grammys, Paul McCartney was actually denied entrance into a post-Grammy party hosted by rapper Tyga. The former Beatle was turned away along with Beck and Foo Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.
McCartney took it in good humor stating, “How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit guys, we need another hit.” He then turned to Beck and said, “Work on it.”
This is yet another diss for Beck. After being upstaged at the Grammys last year by Kanye West, you'd think being in tow with Paul McCartney would spare him any further indignity. Nope. One might question Macca's judgment in attending a party being thrown by a rapper. But Sir Paul is open minded kind of guy even at 73."

The irony on display here is lost to approximately no person. It shows the arrogance and disrespect for people who helped paved the way. The attitude and general state of the Black music is reverting back to it's primitive beginnings along with it's artist, sung yelled in an angry voice in barely understandable language, dancers jumping around like animals or hallucinogen effected warriors to a an annoying repetitious beat.  Gone are the melodic rhythms of a Marvin Gaye and the socially relevant lyrics of a Curtis Mayfield or the inviting story telling of a B.B.King.  

If the three all had been buxom blonde white girls wanting to attend the party, I'm sure things would have been different......

So if Paul McCartney Shows Up at Your Party…Do Me a Favor,
Open The Door & Let Him In.