Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Few Choice Words.......Take 'Em or Leave 'Em.

I'm not surprised, but I am rather disgusted. Every decent person should be disgusted and no one surprised. America has seen this before. The self righteous on the left, prodded by well financed totalitarian organizers, continue to believe that childish antics on the street which feed their egos have no consequence except those they desire.
The streets of Chicago smelled of riot in 1968. Young white people mostly, protested a far off war that made less and less sense as the loses in lives and treasure increased daily. The vast “silent majority” was disgusted both with the stupidity of the war as well as the vagrant mobs that burned the flag and mocked much of what the “silent majority” believed in. Labor unions found themselves in turmoil as the workers strayed to the Republican Party in a cosmic roar heard by few except those that listened.

None of what took place last night in Chicago should come as a surprise after we first saw the Occupy Wall Street loons and their totalitarian masters began to block traffic and cause havoc in large cities. The Black Lives Matter rioters gave us the same warnings. Now the totalitarian left has a new target: Donald J. Trump.  

Well organized hoodlums, disguised as “protesters”, invaded the auditorium where a legitimate Presidential candidate (agree with him or not shouldn't matter in this case) was to speak and achieved their aim to “shut this down”. Like the 1968 protesters, the BLM criminals, the OWS totalitarians, the enemies of free speech rejoiced with self-congratulations and great noise. What they did not hear was the “silent majority” ready to vote on Tuesday.  With those elections in mind, opportunist like Marco Rubio, and sadly Ted Cruz,  joined in solidarity with the thugs and criminals of Chicago, BLM, OWS, and the enemies of free speech who demand “politically correct” speech as well as the “politically correct” nonsense labeled “tone”. 

And what I'm finding just as disgusting is the countering of healthy debate on legitimate right leaning websites like "Ace of Spades" and "The Right Scoop", while debasing themselves in such vehement hate of Donald Trump. The once powerful "HotAir" website is likewise just a clump of cinders because of blind hatred.  

Likewise we have the Pro Trump at all cost, conspiracy central " Conservative Tree House" and their fanciful theories and unnamed witnesses, rivaling the fruitcake Alex Jones, squashing any debate and banning commenters who dare to respectively question them. And "Red State" is a dead state to me, seemingly wanting violence against Trump supporters:
"My advice for reporters and protesters visiting Donald Trump events is simple: You have a right to keep and bear arms. Use it. If Trump's brownshirts know their targets are armed, they'll get less handsy, fast." 
It may serve some well to go back and read William Shire's "Berlin Diary"  Disregard the time and place of the events, and just read what can lay beneath unyielding blind political support and what squashing of speech can lead to. It can very well happen anywhere. The consequences and importance of the next election are not to be understated.