Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bobby Jindal Throws Hat Into The Ring for VP

The one time darling of the GOP, former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who failed miserably in his bid for president has announced that he’s standing in support of Donald Trump.  Jindal, who was at one time extremely critical of Trump as "Bombastic" and "Off Kilter' as a presidential candidate, has now had an epiphany, so to speak, and has hitched his tarnish wagon of political hopes to the stallion D.J.Trump who seems to be running away with the race.

Our popular Governor was re-elected to a second term in a landslide, but immediately began running for president soon thereafter, increasing state spending and bloating a state budget with things like creative hiring practices of state consultants and increasing state employee roles to make Louisiana employment numbers look better then the national average. Jindal left the state with a swollen 29 Billion dollar budget, and $1.8 billion in the Red. (just as comparison to a  state with similar population numbers, Oklahoma's state budget is 6 Billion).  After turning his attention solely to bolstering his resume as a stanch conservative to impress the primary voter base, and not with the business of the betterment of his state in mind, he left office two months ago as the least popular governor in the country.

But Bobby Jindal is no fool. A Rhodes Scholar and son of Indian immigrants, he sees himself a well versed and softer spoken compliment to Donald Trumps brashness, to be used as a deflection of the media and the left's mantra of Trump being anti-immigrant and racist. Jindal says now he believes Trump’s success is a “death knell” for the Republican establishment, the one he himself rode to victory twice. 
"The reality is, you can do the math. He has done very, very well. It is exactly what is wrong with the GOP establishment and it ignoring the will of the voters."
Believe me when I say, Bobby Jindal has just actively thrown into the ring his hat for VP.