Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why Does the Media Give Trump Three Times More Airtime Than Cruz or Rubio?

According to NewsBusters:
"Once again in February, ABC, CBS and NBC devoted a majority of their Republican primary coverage to Donald Trump, who received three times more attention than his top competitors, Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz...." 
Since the start of the campaign, Trump has received a total of 923 minutes of airtime from the three broadcast evening newscasts, or 54 percent of the total GOP coverage. This is more than four times the coverage given to Ted Cruz (205 minutes, or 12% of the total), and six times what Marco Rubio received (139 minutes, or 8%)....."
The media’s saturation coverage of Trump in 2015 made it next-to-impossible for other conservative candidates to become well-known and, on balance, seems to have helped Trump cement his status as GOP frontrunner."
So I say to my many Trump supporter friends who I have heard almost to the person, "We are tired of the media picking our candidate". Well, it looks like that may be just what's happening without realizing it.