Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Baseless ad hominem attacks are not just a tool of the Left anymore

There are quite a few rumors floating around in social media about Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz.
Americans are used to the mainstream media lying about Ted Cruz (see here & here for just some examples.) But it is particularly painful when the lies come from supposed truth-tellers. The largest culprits starting and perpetuating anti-Cruz falsehoods are Sundance of the Conservative Treehouse and Dianne Marshall of the Marshall Report. They blatantly lie, or tell cherry-picked half truths, which are promptly disseminated in social media by their army of bullies who are seemingly not interested in civil debate.
Why create false stories if the candidate is so bad?
The clearly coordinated effort is particularly disturbing because: 1.) it frankly smashes conventional wisdom that ad hominem baseless attacks are the tool of the left – not the principled right, and 2.) the social media bullies may serve to intimidate people from posting positive stories or opinions about Ted Cruz.
Here are some of the most persistent lies, myths and rumors about Ted Cruz:

This has all become very tiring. It's a long time yet to the convention. If you have a candidate, then by all means promote him, and tell us why we should vote for him based on issues instead of lying about his opponents. If you're are going to take a shot at them, at least take them down with the truth. We are setting the table for the democrats, who you know will say, "They lied all the way through the primaries,why should you believe them now?"