Thursday, April 7, 2016

Has Ted Cruz Mastered the Intricacies of the GOP Primary Process?

by Rob Janicki
"It would appear so, but don't be mislead into thinking it was just a lucky break for Cruz.  Cruz began his assault on the GOP presidential nomination a year before he announced his candidacy.  While most of the other 16 original GOP presidential aspirants were traditionally about fundraising to finance their presidential ambitions, 
Ted Cruz, the political alchemist, was also creating a relatively unheard of means of determining the most probable demographic groups to focus on.   Not only did Cruz use the almost unheard of power of computer analytics of demographic groups, he also installed the most extensive grassroots political team in the 50 plus primaries and caucuses in the United States and its territorial holdings.
So what has made Cruz's campaign continue to grow as Trump's campaign has stalled in Wisconsin and Kasich's campaign simply picks up the crumbs from the Big Boy's table?  In other words, what separates Cruz's campaign from all the others?  The answer, in a phrase, is found in demographic analytics, rather than merely reading the tea leaves of polling.
The Cruz campaign has strategically delved into the voter demographics of every congressional district in America and its territories.  They found that every demographic set and sub set could be counted on to produce a quantifiable primary outcome.  They also came to believe that this analytical method was far more accurate and consistent over time than relying upon polling results to develop strategic targeting over the length of the campaign.
The Cruz campaign has managed to accurately analyze each and every demographic category and subset/s, and there are many subsets, to determine where their campaign targeting would be best utilized.  The Cruz Crew knows everyone in America who has voted or failed to vote in a Republican election going back decades.  They know how those votes were cast and this critical data can be found in their demographic analytical programs.  They know more about every voter's propensity on every issue than can be imagined....."   
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