Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bernistas Preparing to Soil Madam Cankles' Coronation

Anyone who’s ever attended a specialty convention will tell you that it is a rather massive undertaking to coordinate several thousand like-minded individuals in a confined space. Whether it’s a gathering of animal costume fetishists, comic book geeks, porn stars and/or politicians, these meet-ups are logistical nightmares that require the cooperation of local authorities, police, and private security, as well as a venue large enough.

You'd think that some 180+ years after the first Democrat National Convention, the 46th time would be pretty easy. It’s done every four years, right?   

Just get some balloons and confetti, a couple cops, and find a stadium with air conditioning and a solid P.A. system where you can hold a bitchin’ laser light show, and wrap everything up with a break dancing Teddy Kennedy hologram. Offer up some cheap booze, some shitty fried food, and bing-bang-boom, you've got yourself a spectacle to soak up news coverage for days. What could go wrong?

Days of Future Passed
Well, they weren't counting on the Bernistas. According to the Daily Caller, more than twenty thousand leftist have committed to protest Hillary Clinton’s likely stolen nomination at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. And that number is quickly growing. 

The protesters are united in their support for Bernie Sanders, and their opposition to “a fraudulent Hillary nomination,” according to the group’s website.

Their leaders have set up a Facebook group titled 'Occupy DNC Convention' to organize housing and transportation. One document issued by the group is titled “Why ‘Occupy DNC Convention’?” explains the protesters’ mission: we are contesting Hillary’s nomination on the grounds of fraud, voter suppression, and corruption. We show them who we want.

One group of black activists, the Philly Coalition for Real Justice, has planned a “resistance march” against the Democratic party for allegedly breaking its promises to black voters. Local news coverage describes the group as an affiliate of Black Lives Matter but the activists declined to either confirm or deny that fact.

The activists’ Facebook event says: 
“The Democratic Party has consistently betrayed their promises to the Black community and the 2016 presidential election is not going to be any different.”
“We must capitalize off of this moment with one goal in mind; and that is to resist the capitalist and racist power structures that allow white supremacy and capitalist oppression to flourish."
Philadelphia is no stranger to protest and rabble rousing, and have proved in the past they can tear gas with the best of em.  Stock up on popcorn boys and girls. I have a feeling the 2016 Democrat Convention may be an even bigger clusterf**k of a shit-show then the Republican Convention is expected to be.