Monday, October 10, 2016

The Nightmare the Liberal Media Sees When They Close Their Eyes at Night

Debating the Debaters 
"Last night was a vivid, real-time illustration of how the media think of the American people: 'We're really interested in how you think! So, please, come in, sit down and . . . let the professionals ask the questions.'
 Man of the people Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, and Martha Raddatz, who had President Obama as a guest at her wedding, must have panicked when ordinary Americans invited to what was billed as a Town Hall debate in St. Louis didn't ask the questions they were supposed to ask. ...
 So it went as the night wore on: For long periods of time the invited voters had as much influence on events as wallpaper. The moderators went after the candidates, mostly but not exclusively aiming their questions at Trump, repeatedly interrupting him and telling him his time was up. ...
 Voters can be forgiven if they're wondering why journalists keep mistaking themselves for the star of every show, even one that was designed to give the people a voice." - Kyle Smith, New York Post