Friday, November 18, 2016

Albert the Gator Meets Thunder and Lightning

Image by SEC Sister Curmudgeon 
Much has been said about the non meeting in the Swamp at Gainesville between the Florida Roosters Gators and the LSU Tigers on October 8th. In hindsight I'm sure the Gators are wishing they had taken the chance and played the unproven 3-2 Tigers rather then the battle hardened 6-3 team they face this Saturday.

Since then things have become heated between the two teams. Florida's gambit to avoid a loss and keep their ranking high has come back to bite them in the ass.

Now they will have to face a hungry Tiger team in their final game this season in Baton Rouge, and with a Sugar Bowl appearance in their sight. The Tigers have lost only 2 games in Death Valley since the loss to Alabama in Nov. 2014 and are 5-0 at home this year and going for a perfect home-stand season.

The much vaunted Gator defense will have to control the line of scrummage else Thunder and Lightning (#7 &#5) may gas them big time. And I don't really see a problem with the Tiger defense controlling an often toothless Gator offense. I suspect Austin Appleby may be spending a bit of time picking himself up off the ground this week. 

And You guys in Knoxville can thank us later. ;)

I say Tigers by 12+  ✖  (expletive deleted)

Auburn over Alabama A&M by 10 ✔
Tennessee over Missouri by 14  
West Virginia over Oklahoma by 6 ✖
Nebraska over Maryland by 12  

After going 3-1 in week 8 , a loss to Alabama in Week 9, coupled with 3-3 last week, Diogenes is 20-9 on the year.