Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Nancy Garners Enough Votes To Remain Dem Leader

Pelosi Worked the Dem Caucus Hard To Remain House Leader

Congrats Democrats, it’s official! Nancy Pelosi worked the democrat caucus hard so that she might retain her position as Badass Bosslady Of House Democrats. The votes have now been tallied, and yup, she will continue to be Badass Bosslady Of the left in the next Congress! She managed to blow pass a challenge by Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, who ran a tradition campaign and gathered only 63 votes compared to Pelosi’s 134.  

Barring any unfortunate incident of her face cracking wide open or her stitches popping loose and wounding nearby colleagues, she will remain the queen and shepherd the Democrats through the valley of the shadow of death of Trump..

Nan took to the tweeter thing to announce her victory: