Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dems Already Trying to Diddle With Georgia Special Election

With a slim glitter of hope they can pull a 50% vote and avoid a runoff for the Georgia Special Election, the Dems have pulled out the stops. Election officials are hoping to keep two polling places open later than the 7 PM closing time after computer errors at two precincts and late poll workers caused some voting problems in Georgia’s US House special election.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Richard Barron, the director of elections and registration for Fulton County, said they are trying to extend voting hours for Centennial High School in Roswell and the Johns Creek Environmental Campus. 
These are heavily Democrat precincts who went for Clinton 91% in the last election. If local officials can get the judge to squeeze them in, they want to keep the Centennial High School polling place open until 7:35 PM, and the Johns Creek polling place open until 7:55 PM ET.

Computer errors and late poll workers happen all the time. Rarely do they go gab a judge and ask to extend hours except in extreme cases of malfunctioning voting machines or power outages. But this is an election the dems, if their goofy looking pencil necked candidate wins, will be heralded as the beginning of the end of the Trump tide. I can just see the headlines now: Dems begin Long March Back To Save America! ..... Trump Receives Biggest Blow of Administration So Far! .....Trump Repudiated!..... Real Americans Start Take Back of The Country! 

The News Media spin will be Epic!