Friday, April 7, 2017

Gettin' It Done

In a matter of a few short hours, Donald Trump Bombed Syria and Nuked the democrats in the Senate. And while we are on the subject of Syria, let's respond to a widely known conspiracy site who regularly fancifully over-analyze things, and bullshits their readers.

In their latest "There is ZERO motive for President Bashir Assad to weaponize chemical weapons against his people." their grand conspiracy motive of Assad's gas attack, according to their expert analysis, is being used as a ploy of the CIA and the Deep State to mislead Trump and into an escalation of war. It was really Assad's enemies who did the dastardly deed.

These geniuses overlook one obvious point. The insurgent, nor the rebels nor ISIS have an AIR FORCE!

No, Assad is friggin' crazy and under the thumb and protection of Russia, and Putin has the same motive all tin pot dictators always have had: They are testing the new American president.

Trump has said over and over America was his main concern. With every new administration come tests from foreign enemies of the United States. Why did Assad burn his own people with chemical weapons? Because Assad and the Russians wanted to slap President Donald J. Trump in the same way every enemy of this country in the world enjoyed slapping around Barack Obama. Like all presidents before him since the Cold war started, Barack Obama was tested by our enemies. In April 2009 the new administration was tested by North Korea, and found a response of weakness. In April 2017, it is President Donald J. Trump who is tested.

And how well did Trump do on his first major test? Even the Senate and House Minority Leaders couldn't criticize him on this one.