Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Crazy Nazis and The Flat Earth

We here at DMF pride ourselves in our effort of bringing you something other than what you see on fifty other websites everyday.  Sometimes we even go so far as to put on our industrial strength hip-waders and crawl down into the ditches along the interwebz and do recon on left-wing sites where rodents run free, just to make fun of them. But sometimes just a simple one or two word Google search can put you on a path to snarky gold.

We all know it's pretty much a given that kooks are everywhere. And there's evidence that people who believe in one conspiracy theory are also more likely to believe in several, a phenomenon come to be known as "Crank Magnetism."  If a secret cabal of very powerful globalists brought down the World Trade Center, faked the Sandy Hook massacre, and almost put Hillary Clinton in the White house, it only makes sense that they're also hiding the truth about the moon landings, homeopathy, vaccines, and the indisputable fact that global warming is a hoax. 

So it should come as no surprise that when a Pointy Headed Aryan in charge at the white supremacy website 'Daily Stormer' posted a video making fun of flat-earth "theorists", a remarkably large portion of his readers were very, very angry and upset, because after all only an idiot would believe the Jewish/Masonic/Illuminati lie that Earth is a sphere.

Seeing that the Daily Stormer site is a vile hive of scum and villainy where the height of sophisticated humor is taking "JosephGoebbels" as your user name, we know you don't want your browser polluted by the direct link, so we brought you a sampling of their best in stupidity. It's hard to tell whether some comments are dyed-in-the-wool flat-earthers or whether they're just kidding in a Nazi kind of way, like this one from "whitemanshame," who explains:
“Fun fact, all the moon mission astronauts were Satanic Freemasons.”
Other net-Nazis seem quite earnest indeed, like “Excalibur,” who dares other readers to show him the curvature of the Earth:
"Here is a challenge for all the non believers, somebody give me a picture of the earth that is not CGI, just one."
Then there’s "Whiteliberty," who approaches the topic with LOGIC and FACTS:
"Science is the acquisition of knowledge capable of being reproduced. You can’t reproduce Big Bang. It’s not science. With flat earth, there are multiple lines of evidence that point in the same direction. Many globe claims have been power of suggestion, reliance on authority, and black box frauds. As a thesis, flat earth is stronger in 2017 than 2007. You can’t land on a lightning bolt. You can’t land on the “sun” or “stars” or “planets,” if they are electromagnetic plasma formations. We don’t normally deal with plasma, or understand its properties, or understand the connection between plasma and consciousness, in terms of the concept, field. Newton’s Third Law prohibits acceleration in space. You need a medium to move: floor, water, atmosphere. Space is not a medium. This would explain why NASA had to lie and fake a moon mission."
This guy seems to know a lot of science facts, like the Jews, who also run Google and NASA so they can put cloud cover over the North Pole to hide the hole that goes through the crust and the ice to the hollow earth where the aliens live.

Then there's "3rdRicht," who has been giving all this a lot of thought:
"I only started looking into what Flat Earth theories within the last month. 1 interesting point is at night, it is cooler in the Moonlight than it is in the shade."
Yeah, Makes ya wonder, don't it? Then theres "SouthernFascist", who isn't quite convinced, but he certainly is open-minded about the matter, because if you believe anything THEY tell you, you might be a dupe. How's this for an example of crank magnetism in action?
"They lie about the control their banks have, they shovel race mixing propaganda down our throats, so if any of this flat earth stiff has any merit at all, it wouldn't be a surprise if the jews were lying about that too. In all honesty i do believe the moon landings are fake. I don’t think we can even get to the moon, nasa even admitted we cant get past the van allen belt due to radiation, so i am 100% convinced the moon landings were faked, at least the first one."
So there you go. Some examples of good ol' Nazi LOGIC. But, as “StormCommando” pointed out elsewhere, believing in a flat earth dishonors the Nazi rocket scientists, who surely would have talked about a flat, not a round, planet if there were anything to it. So you Flat Earthers don’t be dissin' the greatest Nazi scientists of all time!