Monday, May 1, 2017

Another Anti-Trump Temper Tantrum Commences With ‘MAY DAY’ Protest

Yet another organized protest against Donald Trump is set to take place today as the ridiculous post-election temper tantrum spills into May. The weekends heavily promoted but falsely advertised People’s Climate March had barely ended when hordes of leftist cranks, Soros operatives, Hillary Dead enders, illegal aliens, communists, feminists and just general social miscreants revved up to take to the streets to gather together in a public hissy fit over their pet grievances.

The protests which are being held on a day traditionally celebrated by communists will take place across the nation and like all the others, receive fawning coverage by the media.
"We are tired of being demonized and scapegoated. We’ve had enough." #MayDay2017
Despite its original communist origins, the May Day festivities have been hijacked by the forced diversity Taliban and has been fueled by the left’s denial of the reality delivered to voters who resoundingly rejected Hillary Clinton. The groups that are organizing this insurrection are highly likely to have links to organizations within the George Soros octopus.

While the left pays lip service to “democracy” and “freedom” the way that things are done in America is that once the votes have been counted the results are accepted. The losers then lick their wounds and try to build a better mousetrap prior to the next election.

Unfortunately, that process has been subverted by the atmosphere of extreme hatred that the Democrats – specifically Team Hillary – and their media mouthpieces generated for Trump. Months of comparing Trump to Hitler and accusing him of being a homo-hating, pussy-grabbing racist (none of which were true) have instilled a lasting delusion in the minds of the type of nincompoops who are prone to gravitate to liberal politics.

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