Monday, May 1, 2017

The Pack Tightens in the Race for Fake News

It was the perfect storm to excite the already overly excited liberal media and a segment of the U.S. population wholly opposed to Donald Trump’s every word and move. But there was one problem: It wasn’t true. 

On Sunday, several progressive media personalities and liberal Twitter users, even an NBC News correspondent and Raw Story, a lefty news site covered the fake story, falling for a false post claiming a new billboard advertising Trump Tower Manila had been erected and featured the Ivanka Trump, who now serves as a senior White House adviser. 
“Ivanka Trump hawks family’s new development in Philippines as dad invites strongman to White House.-
The hubbub ensued when venture capitalist Peter Brack posted an image of the billboard to his Twitter account, tying the advertisement to Trump’s decision to invite controversial Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte to the White House. Brack wrote in the tweet that has garnered over 25,000 retweets, and has not been retracted.
“Assistant to POTUS models in an ad for POTUS’s new Tower in Manila.” -  
The sign, however, is five years old. And according to a spokesperson for the Trump organization, the billboard was taken down years ago.

Jon Lovett, who worked as a speech writer for former President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, tweeted: 
“The conflicts are unchecked because the GOP Congress has put deregulation and tax cuts for millionaires above all other considerations.”- 
MSNBC correspondent affirmative action loud mouth Joy Reid sarcastically tweeted, 
“Well… the murderous autocrat [Duterte] did green light a Trump condo in his capitol, and Ivanka got a modeling gig out of it so…” - “Total coincidence I’m sure.” - 
It's like taking candy from a baby. I guess when you have spent your entire reporting career pushing gossip from the Tweeter and Facebook and failing to verifying stories, you are going to be easy pickings.

Another stellar day for the media.  And a Pox Upon All Their Houses!