Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bullet Head Calls for Emergency Hearings

DT - When it comes to President Trump it doesn’t take much to set off members of the Congressional Black Caucus. The gaggle of African American lawmakers have been quick to scream racism at every opportunity for years and have been particularly agitated with Trump who they perceive as not only a closet member of the KKK but also a secret Russian agent.

Perhaps none have been so vehemently anti-Trump (outside of the cretinous Maxine Waters) than Elijah Cummings of Baltimore who has lorded it over his gerrymandered district like a fat toad for over twenty years. Cummings has always had a wild hair up his ass over the delusional Democrats’ big excuse for losing the election by blaming it all on Russian interference and was an early advocate of an FBI investigation of Trump and his to the Kremlin. Of course it’s all bullshit – so much was expressed in the new book on Hillary’s doomed campaign “Shattered” – but it is all that the Democrats have got.

Trump’s surprise firing of self-serving FBI Director James Comey has driven the left even crazier than before and has elicited howls of anger in defense of a man who was just blamed by Hillary last week for costing her the election. Cummings and his fellow race trolls are also a pack of hypocrites. They wail about voter rights and disenfranchised voters but their insane vendetta and determination to have Trump removed from office would do exactly that to over 60 million voters.

This Russian hoax crap is really starting to get out of hand and is already on the brink of widespread mass hysteria among those who are dumb enough to listen to the likes of Rachel Maddow and the rest of the dishonest propagandists in the media who were unified in their support for Hillary and are in lockstep to evict Trump from the White House.