Saturday, May 6, 2017

Will Fascism Come to America Through Its Colleges and Universities?

How Will The Next Generation Govern?

Since we already live in a world where we can barely order a margarita without being branded a cultural appropriator, imagining the next step for this generation of undergraduate Robespierres is not easy. The Revolution, as they say, eats its own. These days the grievance culture desperately wants to prove itself right. (If they're not, they'd have a basketful of brutal self-examination to do.) The extent they will go to justify their beliefs is as yet uncharted waters.

For now, there's no question they are manufacturing racism—their own and that of others—to prove it exists. And they have plenty of allies in faculties and administrations as far back as grammar school. The government helps out, too, with its Title IX encouraging a seemingly unlimited potpourri of victimhood complaints while linking honoring those accusations inextricably to taxpayer subsidies of the institutions themselves.

Although I am now only a distant observer, going to college these days doesn't seem like fun—for anyone. (I've said it before—Animal House has turned into Animal Farm.) Nor does it seem particularly intellectually stimulating. A minority of virtue-signaling provocateurs is ruining it for everyone else and ultimately for themselves as well.But as we all know, separation by sexual, racial, religious and ethnic tribes—what else can we call them, really—has been proceeding apace for some years now. Santa Cruz is only the latest stop along the way in this burgeoning segregationist New Tribalism.

"Black and white together, we shall not be moved"—no more. Not on our college campuses anyway. Many explanations might be given for this reactionary development—masquerading, as always, as some jejune hodgepodge of progressivism cum anti-colonialism—but more important and immediate is where this is taking us. The short form is: to Hell.
* Excerpts from Roger Simon's article "Segregation—It's Bad and It's Back!"