Saturday, August 5, 2017

Liberals Second Most Popular President Calls America "The Land of Lunatics"

President What's His Name from Some Network TV Series Called The Left West Wing

During a press briefing before the Television Critics Association this week promoting the newest season of Public Broadcasting's series 'Anne of Green Gables', bloated old leftest fart Martin Sheen told reporters when asked about filming the PBS show in Ontario, Canada that he was “always relieved to leave The Land of Lunatics.” 
“For me, going into Canada, they know when I’m there how giddy I am, and love the country and the culture…Canada is still now very much like the culture I grew up with in Dayton, Ohio in the ’50s. 
Now I could be wrong, but that sounds a lot like..... an almost admission of what unrepairable damage liberals like Sheen have done to America with it's war on culture and leftist politics since the 1950's.  And I guess Marty doesn't realize most sensible people these days view Hollywood and those in it as the real “ Land of Lunatics.” 

Later, according to Deadline Hollywood, a reporter asked Sheen “as former President of the United States, you set a high standard for the office, I can’t let this go by without asking if you would like to say a few words about the current president.” Sheen responded by saying “We were doing so well without any mention of that dark force, so let’s leave it right there where it belongs. I don’t want to give him any more air time than we have to.”

Sheen has always been a drooling outspoken critic of Trump. During his candidacy Sheen called Trump an “empty-headed moron” who had “no chance” at becoming president.  Last March, Sheen told Vanity Fair Magazine that his fictional character as president on NBC’s The West Wing was more qualified than Trump. Apparently playing a president on television makes him an expert on all things concerning politics and presidency.

As for living in "The Land of Lunatics", well there are planes leaving for Canada everyday. Take one Marty! And don't forget to pack that disease riddled mental case of a son if you go, EH?

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